Cyber safety powered by artificial intelligence

We’re an industry-leading organization providing next-generation cyber safety applications to parents. Our systems use artificial intelligence to monitor your child's social media messages detecting potential threats.

Conversation analysis

Detection of inbound online predator communications and sexting through social media and SMS, protecting your child from online sexual solicitation.

Image analysis

Detection of sexually explicit images such as nude selfies taken with your child’s camera, as well as images received via social media.

Built in privacy

Our software does not show message content, but classifies it, this approach respects your child’s privacy without compromising their safety.

Artificial intelligence

Bufferlo uses cutting edge machine learning technology that places it at the forefront of the parental control industry.


Garrett White

Managing Partner

Garrett is a Finance major with extensive knowledge of all areas of business as well as computing. Garrett has previous experience in sales as well as administration in the Banking and Finance industry. Garrett is a two-time winner of the University of Tasmania’s hackathon competition as well as a personal award for best pitch.

Josh Cooper

Software Engineer & Partner

Josh is a Civil Engineering and Computer Science double major at the University of Tasmania. His Engineering thesis studied facial recognition with intra-personal variation due to aging and occlusion and has since been recommended for publishing. Josh has previous experience in the telecommunications industry and has declined a PhD position to work with Bufferlo.

Matthew White

Software Developer & Partner

Matthew is a Software Developer with a bachelors degree in Computing at the University of Tasmania. Matthew has extensive experience in developing applications both for the web and on mobile. In 2016, Matthew led a team of five students to win the University of Tasmania's inaugural hackathon in Hobart.